How this page started

After all the changes coming to the CrossFit Games season in 2018 there was no real source of information about all the things happening in the community. There were a couple sources with good information, like The Morning Chalk Up and the youtube channel Armen Hammer TV, but overall the selection of news sources was pretty dire.

That’s why Carsten Ringe decided to start this page in January 2019 to collect available information about sanctioned events, the available livestreams, the winners of the events and -most importantly- details about the CrossFit Open in 2019. The site should also be a reliable source for direct links to event homepages, news articles and others – to provide you, the reader, with as much original information as possible.

Carsten Ringe during Open Workout 17.4

What’s next

The plan is to write up summaries of sanctioned events, industry news as they come up and collect links to information when appropriate.