CrossFit Games going back to Ranch in Aromas

There is an update about this years CrossFit Games and it looks like the 2020 season will see an event, but it will be radically different then what we saw last year. There is an announcement on the official homepage:

We remain fully committed to planning a live competition with live media coverage. At this point, we are concentrating on a competition in Aromas, the original home of the CrossFit Games. […] The Games will not be a public event. Due to sweeping decisions to ban large festivals and sporting events for the foreseeable future, we are suspending the on-site spectator experience for this year.

The official instagram account @crossfitgames also has a post about the CrossFit Games going back to the place it all started: the Ranch in Aromas.

Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland also speculate about the event format in episode 67 of the Talking Elite Podcast. Head over to your favorite podcast client and listen to the options coming from two people with lots of experience with live events and how CrossFit HQ operates.

If you spot a mistake or if you feel like one of the points need more clarification, make sure to get in contact.