CrossFit Games 2019 streaming aka The World Feed

It’s out: the CrossFit Games 2019 will be available to watch online via the so-called world feed. HQ published an article with more details. From the article:

This year, a professional feed will be produced with open-source options for broadcast partners and fans to enjoy and call the action. Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games, explains:
Fans will be able to watch the competition live and in more languages than ever before. This is a more organic approach to distributing content, in which we’re inviting individuals and outlets from around the world to create the Games viewing experience that they would want for themselves.

The world feed won’t include any detailed infographics or spoken commentary, it’s a raw feed. It most likely will not cover all the events of all the age groups, but only the elite men/women divisions. Don’t expect anything like the previous broadcast put together by a professional team of employees of HQ. But you can probably watch the feed in your own language if you find someone who’s broadcasting and commenting. If not, you can go to Twitch or Youtube Live and create your own feed with commentary.

There are also changes to the media policy and it basically allows all the things that were previously not allowed:

Event attendees are welcome and encouraged to use photos, videos, and audio recordings

This includes sharing on personal social media accounts, displaying on personal websites as long as do not sell any products or services and sharing with friends and family. But there are also professional-use and commercial-use permits, which are handed out by HQ.

If you spot a mistake or if you feel like one of the points need more clarification, make sure to get in contact.

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