Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge is underway

The second half of the CrossFit games season started yesterday with the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge and this weekend is full of interesting events, including a very interesting workout that goes like this:

10 Minute Max Calories Assault Bike⁣
⁣-1 minute rest-⁣
⁣4 Sets for Time⁣
⁣400m Assault Runner, ⁣Sandbag Carry 200/150 From Assault Runner to drop off point⁣, ⁣Handstand walk from Drop off point to Assault Runner

Head over to the official website to get the details about all upcoming events.

You can follow the stream at games.crossfit.com. The production quality is very high, it’s a throwback to regional coverage and the voices of Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez will bring you right back.

If you spot a mistake or if you feel like one of the points need more clarification, make sure to get in contact.

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